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Thanks to Dr. Chandra! My surgery went great and I have little to no pain afterwards.

Emma Cox

Dr Dorizas,

Thank you for the amazing care to our athletes here at Lee University. Over the past five years as Head Athletic Trainer at Lee, I have been able to work with several Orthopaedic surgeons, but none have provided the quality of care that we have received from you and your staff. Our athletes are able to be seen quickly and appropriate tests and surgeries are performed in a timely manner to allow our athletes to return to play quickly and safely. Absolutely no other physician I have worked with takes the time to call and thoroughly explain the diagnosis and follow-up care and rehabilitation programs like Dr. Dorizas. The Chattanooga area is blessed to have an outstanding Orthopaedic Surgeon like Dr. Dorizas, and I look forward to continuing our relationship with myself and our athletes for many years to come.


Jeff Mullins, MA, ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
Lee University

My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Mark G. Freeman with bursitis in my right shoulder in 2006, and little did I know what an important part this young genius orthopedist would play in my health maintenance in years ahead.  A year later, he was called upon to repair complicated fractures in my right leg and wrist.  Two years later, my right rotator cuff had to be repaired -- Dr. Freeman to the rescue!  Dec. 2, 2011 had a nasty fall and received a large hematoma on my left knee.  X-rays taken at the Emergency Room showed no broken bones and I was told to use ice packs for a few days, but it kept getting worse.  Saw Dr. Freeman on Dec. 20, the fluid in the knee had "gelled" and he had to perform surgery the next day, and the healing process has been lengthy, complicated and challenging, but through all these episodes, his knowledge, compassion, attention to details, his concern to see that his patient received the best care and attention, and his refreshing approach to medical problems have proven to me that Chattanooga is indeed fortunate to have this talented young orthopedist come to our town.  And he would probably be the first to say he couldn't do all this without his WONDERFUL staff!  I'm very impressed with the care and patience he has shown me, and I have the highest respect for Dr. Mark G. Freeman.  I am grateful that he hasn't told me to lose his phone number!

Francis Beaver

Cannot improve any better than this: Dr. Chandra and his staff (Doctors, nurses, receptionists). All of your patients are so grateful to have you-all here in the Chattanooga area. Thank-you-all and God Bless.

Kris and Tanya Bain

I couldn't be more pleased with the results and attention, I have received with my rotator cuff surgery. I will recommend Doctor Dorizas and his wonderful staff to everyone.

Alan E. Kimball

I feel really blessed to have such a wonderful staff of people to provide for my care. All questions answered and treatments on board! Thank God for your professionalism. (Dr. Chandra)

Janice S. Smith

Dr Dorizas is one of the most talented orthopedic surgeons I have ever worked with. I have had the opportunity to treat many of his patients following surgery. His patients present with less pain, less swelling, and better range of motion than most patients following surgery. He keeps up with current literature and performs some of the most up to date procedures in orthopedic medicine which help his patients rehabilitate more rapidly than many other patients I treat. I strongly recommend Dr Dorizas for your orthopedic needs. In fact, I have referred my own family members and friends to him.

Jeremy Shook, PT, MPT, STC, PES
Physical Therapist - Results Physiotherapy

As usual, Dr. Chandra was super!

Dr. James Smith

Dr. Dorizas

Thank you for the exceptional care and support you gave my family. I must say that your practice has raised the bar by which I will measure all other health care providers. My wife and I were very concerned about our son's diagnosis. We assumed that just like we had experienced with other physician's offices, we would wait weeks before being scheduled for additional testing and follow-up and have weeks of worry before we knew an outcome. Before we even got home from the appointment, your staff had arranged for an MRI, for PT and to see another specialist. I couldn't believe it when you personally called to explain the results, and on the same day the MRI was sent to your office! My wife and I agree that the care we received by you represents a rare blending of exceptional medical competence, efficiency and genuine concern for your patients.

Thank you
Gary Sexton

Everyone was helpful. Dr. Chandra answered all questions I had. He made me feel at ease about surgery. The office environment was pleasant.

Anonymous, February 17, 2012

The staff was very friendly and nice waiting area. The wait was a bit long, but normally is in a specialist office. Dr. Freeman is a great doctor.

Anonymous, January 2012

The girl upfront was very friendly. Dr. Alvarez is a great doctor. I can't imagine going to another doctor that cares and takes his time to care for my medical needs. Thank you Dr. Alvarez, you're great!

Anonymous, February 13 2012

My name is Katy Holland and I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Freeman's for just a little over a year now. I first came to see Dr. Freeman in March of 2007 with a lot of pain and swelling in my left knee. With that being said I would like to back track and explain how this situation came to be. In January of 1997, at the age of 12,1 was struck by a car and broke my femur clean in half. When I was pulled from between the two cars my bones overlapped and as soon as I was in the Emergency Room I was put into traction. I was in traction for three weeks and four days, quickly followed by a body cast for another seven weeks. After the body cast came off I was put
into a velcro leg brace and assisted by crutches. I had been out of the body cast for about three weeks and was walking across my kitchen floor wearing rubber sandals when I scuffed my left foot on the floor and heard the 'pop' that indicated I had just re-broken my femur. I returned to the doctor and within two weeks I was back into surgery and put into a full leg cast. During the surgery the doctor did his best to reset the bone straight. I finally came out of that cast 12 weeks later and back into the velcro leg brace and crutches. All and all this lasted well into August of
that year and it was another two years before I was really back to normal. Although going as far as to say I was normal is quite a stretch. I was instructed by my doctor at the time to not play any sports because of the potential damage that I could cause to my back or knee. This meant missing out on a lot of activities in middle school and high school that I had always wanted to do. See when they set the bone they did the best they could with the means that they were provided, but my bone was still nowhere near straight. It bowed to the left significantly and, although it was interesting to see, it would eventually lead to the problems that I described earlier.
In late November of 2006 I began playing tennis. Not really intense tennis, just the kind that you play with your friends just to have fun. I started to notice that while we were playing my knee would hurt and afterward it would become swollen. Everyone encouraged me to go to the doctor, but I am a very stubborn person and had been through so much already that I put it off as long as possible. In March of 20071 finally gave in and made my appointment. At first I came to see Dr. Freeman because, honestly, he was easier to get an appointment with, but
he turned out to be such a blessing. Probably much more than even he knows. After my first visit he decided that I should have a MRI to make sure that there was not anything torn in the knee that could be causing the pain. When the results of the MRI came back clear he decided it was time to do a knee scope to measure the damage in my knee. The knee scope results came back with enough evidence to determine that something else had to be done so that I could save my knee and hopefully get my active life back. Dr. Freeman did absolutely everything in his power to find an absolution other than surgery. When that yielded no results he left it up to me to make
the final call. It was a difficult decision to make as I had already been through so many surgeries and didn't want another one. But after many prayers I decided on the surgery. It was important to me to at least try to be able to exercise, snowboard, and be able to run around with my children one day.
On November 16th, 2007,1 checked into the hospital to have my surgery. Dr. Freeman came into my pre-surgery waiting room and explained to the rest of my family that were there exactly what the problem was and what he was hoping to accomplish in the surgery. I have to say that I was extremely touched that he would take the time to come in and explain everything allover again. I have had many surgeries and that was the first time that I can say that any doctor has done that for me. It reassured everyone, including me. After the surgery I spent four days in
the hospital and began my recovery. I'm not going to say that it was easy, as I'm sure you know that I would be lying, but it was easier because I knew that I was working towards the possibility of becoming actually normal again. I was on the crutches and walker for three long months and in rehab three days a week for almost
two months. In January, I was able to switch to one crutch, and in February, I was able to be rid of the crutches for good. I was finally released to full activities on April 24th. Since then I have gotten back into my daily one hour Yoga exercises, weekly tennis games, and even hiking. And all of this is done with no pain. At first it was hard for me to believe because I was so used to the pain and swelling. But they are both gone and I am free to be active for the first time in over 11 years. Dr. Freeman has given me more than a straight leg; he has changed my life. I am now only 23 years old and have so much time to do all the things that I enjoy that I was not able to
do before. I really could not have asked for a better doctor. With his thorough explanations and sociable personality he made this potentially bad experience into something that will be a wonderful memory. He loves his work and you can certainly tell. I hope that I won't have to see Dr. Freeman for a very long time, but I would absolutely return to his care if ever it was needed. He is a true blessing.

 Katy Holland